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Visual Communication & Art Direction

London Fashion Week 2020

Visual Identity, printed & digital assets

British Fashion Council

Bespoke Identity, handbook, signage and further digital assets for London Fashion Week 2020

The identity was defined by a bespoke image treatment and monogram that was implemented across all works as a way of stringing together a diverse collection of deliverables and spaces. The bespoke nature of the identity also suggests a luxury and exclusivity that is evident not only in the signage and wayfinding but also in the bespoke sized, perfect bound handbook with spot UV varnish finish. The handbook included running schedules, programmes and further information on the event and designers. 

Designed at Superimpose Global 
Photos courtesy of Superimpose Global


Radio Thamesmead

Visual Identity, Communication, Branding & Art Direction

TACO! & Radio Thamesmead

Radio Thamesmead (also known as RTM.FM) is a radio station developed and managed by TACO! as a platform for community-produced culture, debate, art and music. The station provides opportunities for local people to produce and distribute their content and learn new skills in broadcasting, production, and presenting.

The new identity is rooted in Thamesmead’s rich architectural history. More specifically, the identity draws inspiration from the Thamesmead estate, a significant and culturally renowned figure in British architecture and urban planning and importantly, an essential component to Thamesmead's identity. This connection between space, place, identity and structure looks to embed the radio station within Thamesmead's narrative and form an entry point for members of the local community to engage with and take ownership of RTM.

The logo, colours and further identity elements look to reference and re-apply architectural forms and characteristics connected to the housing estate itself, such as flat roofs, connecting staircases and underpasses, structural pillars, dual levels, concrete, vast green and water spaces. The logo can also be locked up in a long horizontal band or stacked vertically to visualise rows or blocks of social housing and a music equalizer.

Watch - Equalizer concept 
Watch - Live Slider Concept 



International Woolmark Prize

Digital, Social & Physical Communication

International Woolmark Company

The International Woolmark Prize celebrates outstanding fashion talents from around the globe who showcase the beauty and versatility of Australian Merino wool. It is the world's most prestigious award for rising fashion stars.

The project called for the creation of multiple design outputs including digital and social communication as well as physical assets used at the event. The majority of assets designed were rooted in the use of severe logo crops and the logo lock-up, that was made up of a combination of the 'IWP2020' multi-weight wordmark and the Woolmark company icon itself. Additionally to this, a yellow gradient was implemented across assets to solidify a structured identity and connection across the project.

Watch - IWP2020 short Animation
Watch - Unused Animation

Designed at Superimpose Global
Photos courtesy of Superimpose Global

JEMP: Mechanical 

Exhibition Identity, Visual Communication & Web design

Arts Territory

JEMP:Mechanical is a nine-day music festival of Polish contemporary, electronic and experimental music, which took place at the Swiss Church, Covent Garden, London.

Constructivism often rejected a decorative practice in favour of the industrial and functional assemblage of materials. The JEMP design looks to mirror these ideologies by deconstructing and reconstructing imagery of a prominent sculpture by Polish constructivist, Katarzyna Kobro. It then functionally utilizes the space defined by the reconstructive process as a nod to Construvtivisms concerns with spacial concepts.


Series One



Shipment presents exhibitions, events and digital media projects by progressive, influential and creative thinkers.

This One-off poster celebrates the first series of Shipment at the Biscuit Factory. Much of Shipments graphic communication is influenced by materials relating to the process of shipping or shipment. The poster looks to display a mixture of subtle and explicit references to this concept whilst simply communicating and celebrating the participating artists, supporters and partners.

Find out more about Shipments work


Bangkok Through Poster


Kinjai Contemporary

Breathing (barely) is a poster shown at Bangkok design week and Kinjai Contemporary in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The poster references an extract from Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi’s book Breathing: Chaos and Poetry. Berardi claims that 'A sequence of events may reach such a level of complexity that a small perturbation will have huge, unpredictable effects. We speak of “Chaos” when such indeterminacy becomes widespread. “Chaos” stands for an environment that is too complex to be decoded by our available explanatory frames, an environment in which fluxes circulate too quickly for our minds to elaborate'.

Through a sequence of abstract imagery and descriptions, the poster attempts to manifest a feeling of complexity and chaos currently associated with my present society.

Photos courtesy of Kinjai Contemporary

Baseline Drift

Exhibition Identity & Printed matter

Forma Arts

Beth Kettels performance ‘Baseline Drift’ Responds to Vestry Road Playground as a dynamic and inclusive public arena, artist and athlete Beth Kettel has worked with local basketball players and WAVE choir to explore how games and play shape our understanding of the world.

Kings Place Summer Programme


Kings Place

Kings Place is an open, multi-arts venue, presenting an adventurous and critically-acclaimed programme, with words and music at its heart. 

I produced programmes, flyers, booklets, motion, digital and social assets in collaboration with East London based studio Binomi to support and promote Kings Place January - Jun programme.

Up Is a Relative Concept

Visual Communication, Printed Matter & Wayfinding


Information handout for FOLD (lab), a new cross-disciplinary arts platform embedded within London’s newest 24hr licensed music and arts venue FOLD, based in Canning Town.

The folding handout was used on the launch night as a wayfinding and information tool for guests.

Shipment Programme

Visual Communication, Direction, Digital assets & Motion


Shipment works with cross overs between creative andpractical industries through its projects. It is a small collective run by myself and artist Oly Durcan that brings in contributors from individual thinkers to industry-specific companies.

The first programme took the form of a residency at the Many Hands studio complex at the Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey, London.

Shipments design is influenced by a range of materials relating to the process of shipping, for example, labels, ‘Sorry we missed you’ cards, postage stamps, boxe and scanning software. Shipment’s ever-changing, fluid nature is reflected within the design through contextually relevant visuals that are forever working with and reflecting the current show or works.

Watch - No Motion Occuring Social Video
Watch - Mum, IDWTBAAA Social Video
Watch - Un_dead Social Video 



Architectural Ritualism (Source Park)

Various Artworks, Digital & Printed poster

Flatland Projects

Sussex-based design collective and pop-up gallerists Flatland Projects commissioned the production of visuals for a solo exhibition in the largest underground BMX park in Europe.

The artwork produced references and celebrates the history of the venue, which was once Victorian baths, in the spirit of Architectural Ritualism. The artworks act as pre ritual tools that would be used by Architectural ritualism as a 2D diagram of the rituals that will take place.

Photos courtesy of Ben Urban 

Phantom Architecture

Graphic & Layout design, Words & Posters 

Personal Project

An essay based on an original concept: phantom architecture.
Phantom architecture is informed by the neurological phenomenon of ‘phantom limbs’, in which an amputee experiences the sensation of their missing limb, applying the concept to the field of modern architecture. The essay examines current small and large scale examples of phantom architecture and identifies design implications surrounding them.

The 48 page essay and supporting posters graphically reference medical documents and MRI software throughout and on the cover, where an infrared thermal imaging map references the connection between architecture and the body.  

Eery images of de-socialised architectures are combined with rigid and structured typography and layout in an attempt to mirror the phantom like structures referenced within.

Architectural Ritualism 

Visual Communication, Performance, Video & Objects

Personal Project

Architectural Ritualism is a fictional entity that, through the use of performance and visuals, looks to explore how architectural issues like de-socialisation, function and use, can be manipulated to create speculative and immersive moments, that cause people to question their relationship with and design of modern architecture.

The design takes on a fluid nature that is contextually relevant to the intervention or event that is taking place. However the graphic basis of all of the work is defined by architectural characteristics like stained glass windows, that are overlooked as a form of communiction.

Middleton Deli  

Graphic Identity, Art Direction, Printed and Digital Assets

Middleton Deli

Branding, identity and art direction for Middleton Deli. A new, independent cafe/deli based in Lewisham, South London.

Middletons logo and colour pallette references the original glazed tiles found throughout the interior as well as original tiled signage found on the exterior of the building. the angle of the severe cracks and breaks found in the tiles were used as values to cut out of the typography to create a subtle wordmark referencing Middletons unique space and history.

Due to the importance of materiality within the space we then focused on collaboratively  choosing G.F Smith paper stock with the client which again referenced the colours found within the interiors as well as the high standard of interior materials.

We also created printed and digital marketing material that was used during the lead up the the cafes opening.

Shirley Stewart Pottery

Graphic Identity & Printed Assets

Shirley Stewart Pottery

Branding and identity for Shirley Stewart. Shirley is a potter based in Lewisham Arthouse. Alongside her own personal practice, Shirley also teaches workshops and courses dedicated to the craft of pottery for all ages.

The basis of the brand identity stems from the concept of “flow” and Shirley’s relationship with the potter’s wheel.

We reflected these ideas in the logo, which combines Shirley’s initials with her most valuable tool, the potter’s wheel. A colour combination inspired by the terracotta and stoneware clay found in Shirley’s studio was picked to form a relationship between studio, process and brand. Due to its spherical nature, a Poppins font was used to reference the wheel. Finally, a custom ‘S’ mirroring the logo is combined with a bold weight in order to give the brand a fun and approachable feel. The contrast also referencing the courses being for children and adults, beginners and experienced potters.

Future Shapers

Art Direction & Set Design 

Marie Claire

Set design and art direction for Marie Claire Future Shapers Awards, 2018, in partnership with Neutrogena.

Photos courtesy of David Newby


Printed Matter

Personal Project

Present Body, Vacant Mind (PBVM) was a personal project designed to help me understand and experiment with new visual processes and software such as Cinema 4D .