Graphic design & Visual communication 

South-London based, conceptually driven designer with a focus on Editorial; Branding & Art Direction that looks to test the boundaries of communication.
Interested in a interdisciplinary, speculative and collaborative design process for architecture, artists, curators, writers, cultural institutions and designers.

BA Design graduate from Goldsmiths University of London. Full CV and portfolio upon request.
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Currently working as Creative director and designer for Shipment.
Shipment is a moving, artist-led gallery that occupies a trail of liminal locations to present site-specific, creative projects. 
Its main goals are to create irreproducible audience experiences and to develop its participants.
Shipment produces projects made by people with boundary pushing ideas who work in contemporary art, performance, writing, design and technology
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Work Credits

Rapt in collaboration with Sophie Hardcastle, Jeff Lambert and Studio RAW

DEK in collaboration with Sophie Hardcastle and Studio RAW

Soledad Lowe In collaboration with Kasia Lukasik

Shirley Stewart in collaboration with Ted Low of More Than Equal
Middleton Deli in collaboration with Ted Low of More Than Equal
PragmatUs in collaboration with Ted Low of More Than Equal
Marie Claire Future shapers in collaboration with Vicente Ben


2019: Architectural Ritualism - at Source Park, Hastings. In collaboration with Flatland_Projects