Graphic design & Visual communication 

Middleton Deli
Branding, digital and Print

Middleton is a new, independent cafe/deli based in Lewisham, South London. 

After initial conversations with the clients we quickly realised the physical space and interiors were an important part of the cafes identity. Due to the clients formally being part of the furniture and interior design world it meant they had paid special attention to the quality of materials and the presentation of original architectural characteristics. With this in mind we decided it was important that the design encapsulated elements of the architecture in order to create a rich connection between the space and brand.  

Middletons logo and colour pallette references the original glazed tiles found throughout the interior as well as original tiled signage found on the exterior of the building. the angle of the severe cracks and breaks found in the tiles were used as values to cut out of the typography to create a subtle wordmark referencing Middletons unique space and history.

Due to the importance of materiality within the space we then focused on collaboratively  choosing G.F Smith paper stock with the client which again referenced the colours found within the interiors as well as the high standard of interior materials. 

We also created printed and digital marketing material that was used during the lead up the the cafes opening. With the strap line, ‘A coffee you’ve had to wait three years for had better be a good one.’ This referencing that the owner had bought and finished the cafe three years before opening, leaving locals desperate to find out what was happening in the space.