Graphic design & Visual communication 


Digital and print design

Shipment works with cross overs between creative and practical industries through its projects. 
It is a small collective run by Oly Durcan and myself that brings in contributors from individual thinkers to industry specific companies.

The first programme took the form of a residency at the Many Hands studio complex at the Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey, London. 4 exhibitions, performances, talks and a screening took place in an open plan 6000sq ft hall amongst 300 studio holders in the building over 4 months.

Shipments design is influenced by a range of materials relating to the process of shipping, for example, labels, ‘Sorry we missed you’ cards, postage stamps, boxes and scanning software. Shipment’s ever-changing, fluid nature is reflected within the design through contextually relevant visuals that are forever evolving with each show.

Due to the success of the first programme I will be heading a small refresh to the branding of Shipment whilst focusing on delivering interesting design outcomes. We will also be looking to produce work in other mediums starting with a project for Artlicks festival in October.