Graphic design & Visual communication 

Shirley Stewart
Branding, printed assets and art direction

Shirley Stewart is a potter based in Lewisham Arthouse. Alongside her own personal practice, Shirley teaches workshops and courses dedicated to the craft of pottery for all ages.

The basis of the brand identity stems from the concept of “flow” and Shirley’s relationship with the potter’s wheel. Flow, a concept defined by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, describes a state of mind that is achieved or triggered by an activity, and which is characterised by a feeling of energised focus, complete involvement in and enjoyment of an activity. Having spent countless hours using the potter’s wheel perfecting her craft, Shirley has developed a unique connection with the tool. Her control and comfortability make it seem like the wheel is an extension of her body and self.

We reflected these ideas in the logo, which combines Shirley’s initials with her most valuable tool, the potter’s wheel. A colour combination inspired by the terracotta and stoneware clay found in Shirley’s studio was picked to form a relationship between studio, process and brand. Due to its spherical nature, a Poppins font was used to reference the wheel. Finally, a custom ‘S’ mirroring the logo is combined with a bold weight in order to give the brand a fun and approachable feel. The contrast also referencing the courses being for children and adults, beginners and experienced potters.